Prepared by Bassam Mechammil

October 27, 2007


A-     WHEN TO USE ICE OR HEAT ON AN INJURY? When to use ice or heat on an injury depends on how long ago an injury occurred. Use ice for the first 48 hours after an injury. Apply for twenty minutes, remove for twenty minutes, then repeat. Do not apply directly to the skin. Put a thin towel over the skin for protection. Use heat twenty minutes at a time at least 24 hours after a minor injury or 48 hours after a more serious one. Place a heat pack directly on the injured area and do not add pressure. Do not apply it to broken skin.

B-     CELLULAR PHONE DANGER: The wire in the earpiece acts like an antenna and channels up three times as much electromagnetic radiation to the head as does a cell phone held to the ear. Few scientists believe that there is some danger from cell phone radiation, but a recent study found a link between cell phone use and brain tumors.



A-   HOW TO BLUFF LIKE A POKER PRO-      Strategies:

  1. Do not change your style when you bluff. You can look your opponent in the eye or not, chatter like crazy, or keep silent-as long as you are consistent.
  2. Do not bluff a weak player or a losing one. Chronic losers stay in the hand when they shouldn’t and call another players hand when they shouldn’t. Even with a weak pair they will call a bet. If several weak players are left in the hand, don’t even think of bluffing.
  3. Do not bluff the nights big winner. The pile of money in front of him/her and his belief that he is on a roll will make it more likely that he will stay in the game and call you.
  4. Play the other person’s hand-not your own. That is what great players do. This means figuring out what an opponent probably has. This is done through observations and experience.
  5. Show your losing bluff hands occasionally. Do this if your opponents are mumbling that you only bet on great hands.


Property tax:

One way to lower your property tax is to make sure to let the tax assessor’s office know one of these things that might qualify you.

  1. Senior citizen
  2. Disabled
  3. A Veteran
  4. Low Income