Prepared by Bassam Mechammil

October 20, 2007




Los Angeles Times, dated October 20, 2007, mentioned that the food and drug administration advisory panel said yesterday that children under the age of six should not be given over the counter cough and cold medicine. Public citizen advocate group founded by Ralph Nader has even gone further than the age of six and called for ban on sales of over the counter cold and cough medicine for children under 12.



Peroxide does not heal wounds; the bubbling action of hydrogen peroxide can mean it is damaging blood vessels and healthy tissue. It is much better to clean the wound with water and apply anti bacterial ointment to prevent scabbing, which delays healing. If a wound will not stop bleeding, put a wet teabag on it and apply firm pressure.




When dealing with an IRS agent, remember that he/she is an employee who is trying to get through the day. Many agents may not put in the extra effort needed to cause you trouble. Do not agonize the IRS agent with a hostile attitude. Adopt a business-like attitude. Help the agent to help you provide copies of all records. Explain your case clearly. If you are not treated fairly and the employee’s supervisor fails to address your concern, write to the IRS director where your files are returned. 




If something happened to you, your loved ones need an easy way to find key information. Help them by making a list and giving it to somebody you trust. Include:

  1. Names of banks where you have accounts and the account number
  2. Name of the bank where you have your safety deposit box plus the box number
  3. Numbers of all insurance policies, including health, life, auto, and home
  4. Names and addresses of all insurance agents
  5. Itemized of investments: Including stocks, bonds, and mutual funds
  6. Location of your will and the name of your attorney
  7. List of all credit cards, including account numbers
  8. Social Security Number and Medicare card
  9. Names and addresses of your mortgage holder, including the account number
  10.  Funeral or memorial service information- explaining what you want done




Learning to enjoy your nest egg: Once you have achieved financial security, you need to change your mind set from saving to enjoying. It may be difficult to shift your focus from saving and investing to spending, but it takes pride in your accomplishment. For years, you have worked hard, planned and saved, and now you can begin living the life you have long envisioned. Here are some examples to learn from with money-spending: 

  1. REQUIRED SPENDING: food and shelter
  2. CONVENIENT SPENDING: things that make life easy
  3. PLEASURE SPENDING: travel-games-sports
  4. TRADITIONAL SPENDING: furniture-china-jewelry
  5. EGO SPENDING: big homes-expensive cars
  6. GUILT SPENDING: something expensive that is not seen


Your Home:


Reduce bacteria in sponges by washing them frequently in hot soapy water and disregard every couple of weeks.



Number of home fires from candles has doubled over the past few years. Half break out in bedrooms where people light candles for aroma and fail to blow them out before falling asleep. Do not allow kids to use candles without adult supervision and never in their bedroom.