Prepared by Bassam Mechammil


July 2008





Facts about water: Without water, life could not exist. Everything from bacteria to elephants must have it. How much do you need? Most people would answer 8 eight ounces of water a day. Recently an editorial in the journal of the American society of nephrology (the study of kidneys) pointed out that nobody even knows where this idea came from.

  1. drinking lots of water does not improve kidney functions or help kidneys eliminate toxins. Sometimes drinking lots of water can make the kidneys less efficient at filtration.
  2. how much to drink? For healthy people, thirst is the best guide. If your urine is a light yellow you can be sure you are drinking enough. Most fruit and vegetables are 90% water and other beverages do count in the total. Even coffee and tea supply water. Older people do need to try and drink more water because they cannot rely on their thirst inductor. Sometimes, they also forget to drink.
  3. vitamin enhanced water and other beverages offer little or no nutritional advantage, reported by nutritionist Susanna Havala Hobbs, Dr PHD.




MIGRANE HEADACHES may be LINKED TO VISION LOSS: Reported by Kathyrn Ross, PHD. The problem started with the blood supply to the retina of the eye. This may mean that an underlying vascular problem caused both the headaches and the loss of vision.



MENOPAUSE STARTS THREE YEARS EARLIER on the AVERAGE with Women who smoke than in women who don’t smoke, reported by Nieca Goldberg, MD.




To avoid foot fungus, never go barefoot in shared bathrooms- wear flip flops even when you’re showering. Scrub your feet during a shower, then dry them thoroughly. Wear socks made of cotton or other natural fiber. Avoid tight shoes. Check feet and toe nails for flaky skin. If you get Itchiness between toes and the bottom of your feet or thickening of nails and discoloration you have to see a foot doctor.




Colonoscopies are underused. Colon cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death and colonoscopies is the best diagnostic tool available. Yet, half of Americans age 50 and older have never had one done. If you are 50 or over, ask your doctor to schedule you for a colonoscopy.





High blood pressure may raise Alzheimer’s risk, warned researcher Cyris Raji, MD PHD. High blood pressure reduces blood flow to the part of the brain that controls memory and learning.



You are less likely to develop high blood pressure – cholesterol problems and other factors related to heart disease if your parents live to age 85.



Fasting once a month may lower heart disease risk. Benjamin Horne, PHD says that having nothing but water for 24 hours allows the body to reset its metabolism and adjust its glucose and insulin sensitivities. A monthly fast for decades can have substantial benefits, including 40% lower risk for clogged arteries. Short term fasting has not been studied but also may be helpful. Caution: people with chronic health conditions, such as diabetes, should not fast.




Best careers for the next decade are in health care, education and financial service. Avoid jobs in manufacturing, which will decline as the U.S. shifts productions overseas.




Investors are not panicking about the stock market down term. 3 quarters of investors are concerned about the losses financial companies have written off due to the subprime-mortgage crisis. But 72% of those surveyed say they don’t plan to change their investment mix.



Q & A: What are Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac?

July 12, 2008


What are Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac?
They are publicly traded mortgage finance companies created by the federal government.
Fannie Mae is the common name for the Federal National Mortgage Assn., based in Washington. Freddie Mac is the common name for the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., based in McLean, Va.
Why are they so important?
They are the two largest providers of financing for U.S. home loans. They own or guarantee almost half of the $12 trillion in outstanding U.S. home loans.
How do they work?
Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac buy mortgages from banks, savings and loans and other mortgage lenders. They package some of those home loans into mortgage-backed securities, which then are sold as guaranteed investments.
Who owns Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac?
Investors. The companies' shares trade on the New York Stock Exchange.
How much have their stocks fallen?
Compared with a year ago, Fannie Mae's market value is down 84% and Freddie Mac's has dropped 87%.
Could the government take over the companies?
It's possible. Under a 1992 law, if the Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight concludes that either Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac is "critically undercapitalized," the agency can place the company into government conservatorship.



The threat of a $20.00 fine may not sway every California driver from using hand held cell phones when they are driving. But if you get involved in an accident you can face a huge civil judgment.




PRICES OF GAS below are all around the world:




HIGHEST paid Soccer Players:


زواج الأقارب السبب الأول لتخلّف الأبناء

2349 (GMT+04:00) - 27/10/03

يظل الأبناء المولودون لأقلرب عرضة أكثر للأمراض


دبي، الإمارات العربية (CNN) -- أكد بحث طبي متخصص أن زواج الأقارب يظل السبب الأول في إصابة المواليد بتشوهات جسدية وعقلية.‏

وخلص الباحثون إلى ذلك الاستنتاج بعد الانتهاء من بحث أعده خبراء بالمركز القومي للبحوث حول "أثر الأمراض الوراثية على ولادة أطفال مصابين بتشوهات جسدية وعقلية."

وقال الباحث بقسم الوراثة البشرية والإكلينيكية وعضو الفريق البحثي في المركز الدكتور عادل عاشور إن الأمراض الوراثية تعد أمراضا مزمنة يحتاج علاجها إلى وقت وجهد وعبء نفسي ومادي علي المصاب وأسرته والمجتمع، بحسب ما ذكرته وكالة الأنباء الكويتية "كونا".

وأشار إلى أن البحث تناول مرض "الجلاكتوزيميا" وهو من أمراض خلل التمثيل الغذائي وينتج عن زواج الأقارب، وفيه يولد الطفل مصابا بصفراء بالجلد والعين وعتامة في عدسة العين وأيضا بخلل في وظائف الكبد موضحا أنه مع مرور الوقت يحدث ضعف في النمو الجسدي والعقلي بسبب ارتفاع نسبة سكر الجلاكتوز بالدم.

وأضاف أن المشروع يهدف إلى مسح المواليد المحتمل إصابتهم بهذا المرض بعد ولادتهم مباشرة والمتابعة الدورية لهم من خلال الفحص الإكلينيكي والقياسات "الإنثروبومترية" وذلك للتوصل إلى نتائج يمكن أن تساهم في العمل على الحد من هذه الظاهرة.

وأوضح الدكتور عاشور أن القائمين على الدراسة يقومون بإنتاج وجبات غذائية خاصة في قسم التغذية بالمركز تكون خالية من سكر الجلاكتوز مع إضافة بعض الفيتامينات والعناصر اللازمة لنموهم لتقديمها للمرضى.‏

وأكد أن الدراسة تولى أهمية خاصة لقضية زواج الأقارب وعلاقتها بزيادة نسبة حدوث التشوهات الخلقية والأمراض الوراثية ذات الصفة المخيّة حيث يكون الأب أو الأم حاملين لمرض وراثي معين ولا تظهر عليهم أية أعراض معينة وعند زواجهما وبعد حدوث الحمل تنتقل الجينات مناصفة إلى الأبناء.‏

يشار إلى أن نسبة احتمال ظهور المرض تصل إلى حوالي 25 بالمائة عند كل مولود في هذه الحالات.

وكانت الدراسة قد أجريت في قسم الوراثة على 100 حالة من حالات الأطفال الذين يعانون من التخلف العقلي نتيجة لأسباب مختلفة ومتعددة، حيث وجد أن أكثر من  في المائة من هؤلاء الأطفال كانوا لآباء وأمهات أقارب من الدرجة الأولى أو الثانية65 .